About Us

Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Festival (PCCF)

Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Festival (PCCF) is the biggest annual event in Pittsburgh Chinese community, in the weekend of middle of September each year. All major Chinese community organizations are involved in this spectacular undertaking, and have pledged to contribute all the labor, talent, resources and any other need as all partners deem fit through consensus. Besides local talent and vendors being showcased at the festival, famous performers and vendors from across the entire world are also invited to offer an unique and high-quality component the festival. Such individuals and organizations include performing arts celebrities, educational and entertainment speakers, community and political leaders, organizations such as international NGOs, educational institutions, community service groups, cultural exchange groups, and religious groups.

Mission Statement

Allow Pittsburgh and area residents to experience authentic Chinese culture in its multiple facets, and interact with authentic shows, displays, andhands-on experiences;

Foster ties between the local Chinese community with the greater Pittsburgh area, and vice versa, by building personal connections between hosts and attendees;

Celebrate our region’s cultural diversity and educate the public about both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture;

Enhance Pittsburgh’s status as a cosmopolitan city;

Build additional recognition and credibility with local governments, companies, civic groups and other organizations;

Build cooperation between the many Chinese organizations in the Pittsburgh area in hosting our festival;

Showcase Pittsburgh as a welcoming destination for Chinese professionals and families to stay and build their lives and families in our area;

Enhance the local Chinese community’s quality of life by promoting pride in Chinese heritage, and encourage the personal participation of all localChinese-Americans in our festival.


Board of Directors

Guanguang Ji, Chair of the Board
Dave Jiao
Justin Xie
Peng Chen
Kai Lin
Yining Hou
Yongjun Zhang
Shan Shao
Lia Wang
Sherry Ji
Guoyu Lin

Alternate Director:
Guangyi Zhao
Jiaqing Xu


Dave Jiao, President
Peng Chen, Vice President
Kai Lin, Vice President
Yongjun Zhang, Treasurer
Peng Tang, Controller
Yanlai Wu, Artistic Director
Guoyu Lin, Director of Marketing
Jiaqing Xu, Director of Marketing
Lia Wang, Director of Events
Ying Zhang, Director of Events
Sherry Ji, Director of Public Relations
Guangyi Zhao, Director of Public Relations

The 2015 PCCF organizing committee constituent members include:

1)Chinese Association for Science and Technoloyg, Pittsburgh Chapter (CAST-P) www.castp.org

2)Pittsburgh Chinese Restaurant Association (PCRA) www.pcrapa.com

3)Pittsburgh Chinese School (PCS) www.pittsburghchineseschool.org

4)Pittsburgh Academy of Chinese Culture and Language (PACCL)

5)Confucius Institute at University of Pittsburgh (CI-Pitt) www.ucis.pitt.edu/cipitt

6)Yanlai Dance Academy www.yanlaidanceacademy.com

7)Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA), University of Pittsburgh www.pittcssa.net

8)Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA), CMU www.cmucssa.net